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Piaggio Vespa 50 V5A2T Speciale

Piaggio Vespa 50 L (V5A1T) was first launched in the year of 1966 as a luxury version of 50N motorcycle. It had been equipped with improved landing gear, double seat as well as an aluminum edge cover protection on fender. Since the end of the year 1967, at the top of the cascade, the new hexagonal Piaggio badge was placed, which from now on began to mark variety of vehicles. The 50-ties, were available to purchase since 1963, extending the offer of scooters, which were only accessible with 125 to 160 cm³ engine capacity before.

Italian regulations qualified the 50 as a motorcycle, which allowed customers to drive it without an official driving license. It was only necessary to turn 14 years old to be allowed to ride along. That resulted in a massive increase of popularity of this stylish model. Nowadays, this scooter has become a desirable collector’s item but can also be used to drive the city in style during summer time.

Piaggio Vespa 50 V5A2T Speciale
Identification number (VIN): 20538
Production year: 1970
Engine capacity: 49 cm³
Power: 1,45 kW
Type/arrangement of cylinder: ZI/single cylinder (spark ignition)
Color: light blue
Dry weight: 82 kg
Number of seats: 1 person

Price: 28.900 PLN gross

(includes VAT) – the price includes free weekend for two, in our vineyard in Tuscany as well as the trip to neighboring factory and museum Piaggio. It is possible to buy the motorcycle without the trip.