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Fiat 500C called Topolino

Cabrio version with an “american” front.

Initially in the year of its premiere in 1936, the 500A version had a 569 cm³ bottom valve engine that produced 13 hp at 4,000 rpm. Due to its small size and gray color, it was nicknamed popolino (mouse). It was produced in 3 series:

  • Fiat 500A – in 1936–1948, with a break for the end of the war and after-war reconstruction (in the year of 1944 Fiat factory was bombed by the allies),
  • Fiat 500B – years 1948–1949,
  • Fiat 500C –years 1949–1955.

In 1948 roku together with introducing model 500B, the factory produced improved an overhead valve engine with the same capacity and increased power of 16.5 HP, which was also found in the 500C version.

The above model has an extremely rare, 100% original factory varnish. This is a very valuable feature in the collector’s market. The interior of the car is also preserved in the original.

Year of production: 1953
Mileage: 74.000 km
R4 0,6 l (569 cm³), 2 valves per cylinder, OHV
Engine cooling with liquid, thermosiphon,
cooling system capacity: 4,5 liter
Lubrication system capacity – 2 liter oil
Installaion 12 V, battery 38 Ah
Power system: vertical carburetor Weber 22drs
Bore × stroke:: 52,00 mm × 67,00 mm
Compression ratio: 1:6,45
Maximum power: 16,5 KM (12) przy 4400 obr./min
Maximum torque: 3 kGm/29,5 Nm with 2400 obr./min
Maximum velocity: 90 km/h
Average fuel use: 6,5 l/100km
Weight: 600 kg
Fuel tank capacity: 21,5 litra

Price: 50 000 PLN 

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