How does the investment in Vespa look like?

Passing period of traditional motorization together with increasing inflation are the main reasons why vintage motocycles and motorbikes from the years 50’, 60’ and 70’ are achieving vertiginous price increases during the last few years. 

Our antique motorcycles:
• earn money – they protect your money against inflation because their value grows
• look good – they are an outstanding decoration in your office or salon
• drive – they are in excellent technical condition


Motocycle you are going to purchase:

  • 3-month booth warranty
  • documentation to register as an official monument
  • a discount on a weekend stay in our Tuscan vineyard and the possibility of free rental of vintage vehicles available on site to explore Tuscany

Take advantage of our offer and buy the motorcycle today! Protecting your money against inflation was never easier than that!

Our Newest Motorcycles

Here you will find the vehicles which just arrived to our workshop, more motorcycles you will find at the top of the page by clicking button “Motorcycles”

Other projects

As Toscanizzazione we became owners of a beautiful vineyard in Tuscany, which still can became your investment as well. Furthermore, when you make a purchase of our restored Piaggio Vespa, you will receive a free weekend in our property as well as a trip to Vespa Museum which is placed in the neighborhood of our vineyard.


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